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Business Resources

Operators Manuals
  • RV Park/Campground Operator's Manual - An online manual written for the person planning on buying or developing a campground and those new to the industry that discusses good business and management practices.
  • Lodging Operator's Manual - A comprehensive manual for new and existing operators that covers all aspects of running a lodging property - currently being edited for online publication due in the fall of 2014.
Help Services
  • Call 1-888-923-4678 to access our friendly and knowledgeable staff. Office hours 8:00 am - 5:00 pm Monday - Friday.
  • LinkedIn BC Lodging and Campgrounds Association Member Forum - Forum for members to discuss issues and happenings in the Lodging and Campground sectors in British Columbia.
  • Partner Extranet with Partner Bulletin service for members. The service posts information on surveys, reports, benefits offered by preferred suppliers and more.
Buyers Guide
  • Conducted annually four member summer occupancy surveys (June, July, August and September) that include questions on business conditions, programs and wages paid to key occupations. The results are posted in the Partner Bulletin located in the members Partner Extranet.  

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