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Industry News

09/11/2017   NDP Minimum Wage Policy will Increase Costs for Small Business

The NDP BC Government is increasing the hourly minimum wage from the current $10.85/hr, to $11.35/hr, effective September 15, 2017. This is 10 cents an hour more than proposed by the BC Liberals. ... more ›

09/11/2017   Rules Around Parents Serving Alcohol to Minors in Hotel Rooms

This summer a member contacted BCLCA as they had a youth ball team staying with them and the parents and guardians were serving them alcohol in the rooms. The property was concerned that minors were being served illegally and that they had a duty to act to prevent the practice. They spoke to the parents and guardians who just shrugged it off. ... more ›

09/11/2017   Short Term Home Rental Regulation in BC—How Some Communities are Approaching the Issue

The march to regulate short term vacation rentals such as Airbnb and Homestay has begun with the major centres and tourism hot spots leading the way. Airbnb rentals are kind of like jaywalking; technically illegal, but everyone's doing it and no one's really enforcing the rules. ... more ›

07/07/2017   Renting Tiny Homes

A member on Vancouver Island was recently the subject of negative media coverage when the campground evicted people who arrived to stay with a Tiny Home, stating they cannot accommodate permanent residents or mobile homes as they do not comply with their current operating procedures and local government zoning. ... more ›

07/07/2017   Visa and MasterCard Credit Card Surcharge Class Action Lawsuit Settlement

There was a recent settlement to a 2011 lawsuit that alleged Visa and MasterCard rules forced merchants to accept all their credit cards, even ones that charged retailers higher fees. Those rules did not allow merchants to add a surcharge for customers who use these premium cards. ... more ›

05/19/2017   Recreational Fishery Update

The Sport Fishing Advisory Board has been an advisory body to Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) on recreational fisheries since 1964. The BCLCA provides input at 2 levels of the SFAB through member participation on the Main Board and on the South Coast Regional Board. George Bates currently sits on both boards. ... more ›

02/17/2017   Members Concerned Over New Licensing of Groundwater Wells

BCLCA has written to the Honourable Donna Barnett, Minister of State for Rural Economic Development, to request a clarification of the rationale for a new license fee for groundwater wells under the Water Sustainability Act, and what the financial impact for small resort and lodging businesses will be. ... more ›

02/17/2017   Roadabode Releases Second RV Parks Digital Marketing Study

Evanne Schmarder, principle of Roadabode Productions has released the second "Digital Marketing Benchmark Study for Outdoor Hospitality" for 2016/17 which is the follow-up to an effort from 2014/2015 with expanded reach. ... more ›

12/09/2016   BC Parks Announces Campsites Expansion

The Province is investing up to $22.9 million over five years to add 1,900 new campsites. More than 800 campsites will be added to campgrounds in BC's provincial parks and over 1,000 more sites will be built in recreation sites. ... more ›

09/12/2016   Front Desk Training Tips

When guests arrive at our properties, we only have a few minutes to make a great first impression. The first people to interact with the guest are the front desk agents. These people are on their feet for most of an 8 hour shift and have to deal with demanding guests. How they react can make or break our reputation leading to negative and more frequently positive client reviews. ... more ›

07/04/2016   Employers’ Obligations to Seasonal Employees

Employers in the tourism industry often employ seasonal employees during peak times. Though the BC Employment Standards Act (the “Act”) does not, for the most part, distinguish between seasonal and permanent employees, there are some important exceptions. Further, even when the Act applies equally to seasonal and other employees, the nature of seasonal employment, often during busy periods, may lead some employers to inadvertently overlook their legal obligations to such employees. ... more ›

04/01/2016   Time to Review Your Customer Service Strategy

Do you have a Customer Service Strategy or is it a bit hit and miss? Here are six key elements of a service strategy that every accommodation property should follow. ... more ›

02/01/2016   A Green Solution: Cut Your Water Bill by 10% to 25% with the Smart Valve

There's air in your water, and it's costing you money. Water systems are designed to have air flow with water to maintain a constant flow. The only problem is, your water meter doesn't know the difference. ... more ›

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