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Attractions: Tide Rip Grizzly Tours, Telegraph Cove

Immerse yourself in a wilderness experience on a day trip to view grizzly bears with Tide Rip Tours. For 15 years, Tide Rip Grizzly Tours have offered visitors outstanding photography and viewing opportunities from a covered boat with comfortable onboard washroom. The shallow draught of these specialized boats allow the tour guide to take visitors close to the shore and bear viewing action; and the team's knowledge of bear movement in any given season has given them a 95% sighting rate over the years. Tide Rip Grizzly Tours

Depending on when you start your journey, you'll have a different perspective on the bear life cycle. In the spring, both black and grizzly bears emerge from their hibernation dens on the mountain slopes.  Enjoy majestic coastal mountain views and explore spectacular Knight Inlet.  At low tide the bears feed along the inlet beaches, eating seaweed and turning over rocks to find crabs, barnacles and mussels. Many young bears are blond in the spring.   

Late May to mid-June is the mating season with lots of interesting interaction. This is the best time to book your trip. The big boars chase the not-too-interested females, displacing other bears along the beach.  Later in July you'll see new born cubs foraging behind their mothers.

To catch the action, be sure to bring along a good set of binoculars (you can purchase these at our store or pick them up on the morning of your tour).  The trips typically set out at 7am and return at 4pm.

Tide Rip Tours was listed as one of the great adventures in Beautiful British Columbia Magazine. This, and their "raincheck" offer if you do not see a bear, has led to their outstanding reputation as a wilderness attraction.

To book your bear-watching trip with Tide Rip, click here.

Background Photo Credit: Destination British Columbia

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