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Attractions: Visit Lillooet

Lillooet, nestled in the Fraser Canyon, is a small community with rugged beauty and diverse culture. Lillooet can be reached via the wonderfully scenic Sea-to-Sky Highway (#99) from Vancouver (254 km/3 hrs) or Kamloops (165 km/2 hrs), or from Lytton via Highway 12. Lillooet Tourism British Columbia

With high elevation, dry winters, and hot (hot!) summers, Lillooet is a great place to experience camping. It's home to Cayoosh Creek Campground, Fraser Cove Campground and Guest Cottage, Retasket Lodge and RV Park, and the 4 Pines Motel.

Locals know Lillooet as a great town for outdoor recreation. Fabulous fishing is offered through a range of choice spots at local lakes (Seton, Pavilion, Crown, Fountain, Carpenter, and Duffy), creeks (Cayoosh and Texas), and rivers (Bridge and Fraser). Hiking, biking, canoeing, kayaking, and picnicking are all very popular - along with swimming at Seton, Pavilion, and Crown lakes.

What's lesser known about Lillooet is their range of relaxing, non-outdoorsy pursuits. The community's hot summers are complemented by trips to:

Fort Berens Estate Winery. Fort BerensThe first of its kind in Lillooet, Fort Berens offers wine tastings and tours. With on-site sales, you can pick up a bottle of their award-winning beverages to take back to camp with you. If visiting in the heat of summer, we recommend chilling down a bottle of their award winning Riesling or Chardonnay.

Xwísten Experience Tours. Experience firsthand the St'át'imc Nation Culture and take a trip through centuries of first nation traditions here in the Lillooet area. Salmon, one of the main staples in the local first nation diet, is caught and processed right at the Fraser River. Take in the whole process with Xwisten and learn how First Nations people work hard to preserve the traditions of the past. At the end of the tour, enjoy a traditional meal prepared the traditional way.

Lillooet Spa and Wellness Centre. After fishing, hiking, camping, tasting, and learning, why not take a well-deserved break? The wellness centre features many wellness services including massage therapy, reiki, sauna, and acupuncture. A definite must-experience after enjoying the outdoors in Lillooet.

For more information on Lillooet and things to do, visit http://lillooetbc.ca/.

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