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Experience Glamping - Girls' Trip to Fort Langley Camping

Whether you're a full-time mom, working mom, or a single lady, one of the hardest things about being a woman today is finding time for yourself. "Glamping" or "Glamour Camping" is a style of camping that's accessible to everyone, and can be a great way for a group of women to come together for some "me time".

Fort Camping in Brae Island Regional Park, like many sites around BC, has introduced tent cabins to their mix, offering families and other groups the perfect venue for an easy weekend away. Recently we sent a team of women to "glamp" in Fort Langley - click here to see how their weekend turned out:

Glamour Camping"We chose Fort Camping for our girls' trip because it's close to the city, surrounded by nature, and they have tent cabins for an added level of comfort. This was our chance to leave our husbands, kids, and worries behind. The nice thing about a tent cabin is that it has a fridge, food prep area, indoor eating space, outdoor picnic area, beds, and mattresses - so packing was simple and convenient. It even has a tv/dvd set-up so we packed some "Chick Flicks" in case boredom set in.

When we arrived at the campsite, we were greeted by really helpful staff. After doing a quick site check-in, we set off for the General Store to buy firewood and a lighter. You don't need a fire to enjoy camping, but with a fire pit right at our site we decided to go for it.

The set-up is very "glamper" friendly, with nearby heated washrooms (flush toilets and showers), a laundry room (with a sink for hand-washing), and overnight security patrols (it's nice to know someone's looking out for you!).

We had a tapas-style dinner (olives, bread, and spreads), fire-roasted sausages (easy clean-up), and drinks. Then we headed inside for to play cards at our indoor table. The cabin is lit by fluorescent light - not the most flattering, but perfect for seeing details on cards or reading trashy magazines.

As April can still be chilly the staff suggested we bring a space heater, which was a great idea - but any later in the year and the tent would've been comfortably warm.

The conversation kept flowing and we tucked into our comfy and cute bunk beds without having touched our ‘back-up movies'. The site was relatively quiet, although a few cadets (camping next door) and trains could be heard. Despite these small interruptions it was still quieter and more restful than a night at home!

The next morning we made coffee (we used a small trail stove, but you could bring a plug-in kettle) and took a walk along the Fraser River. The forest, river, trees - it was all so relaxing! The trails are very well marked and maintained, and the scenery is inspiring.

Next we packed up our cabin (again, easy to do with less equipment), checked out, and set off to explore Fort Langley, a lovely town with great food and shopping.

We had breakfast at The Village Coffee and Tea Company, where the fresh cinnamon buns and espresso are to die for, did some shopping at Bumble Bees Children's Boutique, and then it was up to Village Antiques Mall for some vinyl and vintage souvenirs.

Heading back to town, we couldn't believe what a relaxing and fun weekend we'd had. It was a break from the daily grind, and only minutes from town. All that, with great shopping, delicious food, and little-to-no cleanup!"

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Background Photo Credit: Destination British Columbia

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