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Travel Routes: Top Ten Hikes in the Lower Mainland

Vancouver Trails BlogWith the weather warming up there's no better time to grab your hiking boots and hit the trails. We asked Mike Chang of "VancouverTrails.com" where he'd start this spring. Here's his "Top Ten" for the Lower Mainland, which are Easy to Intermediate (to get you warmed up for the season): 

1. Capilano Canyon (North Vancouver) 

This easy North Shore hike takes around an hour, with a distance of 2.6 km, and an elevation of 100 metres. It's accessible by transit, open year-round and dog-friendly, but doesn't offer camping.

2. Dog Mountain (North Vancouver) 

Next on the North Shore ‘easy list', Dog Mountain is a 5km hike with a minimal elevation gain. Best experienced from June to October, this hike is not accessible by transit and doesn't offer camping, but does live up to its name - dogs are welcome.

3. Eagle Bluffs (West Vancouver) 

Go west for this intermediate, 4 hour hike across 8km. With an elevation gain of 350 meters, this dog-friendly trek is best experienced July - October and is not accessible by transit.

4. High Note Trail (Whistler) 

About two hours north of Vancouver find this intermediate, 4 hour hike that gains 300 metres across 9.5 km. This hike is not accessible by transit, not dog-friendly, and does not allow for camping, and is best enjoyed July - October.

5. Joffre Lakes (Pemberton) 

This intermediate Pemberton hike takes around 5 hours to complete 11km over a gain of 400 meters. Not accessible by transit, the start point is approximately 3 horus from Vancouver, has camping available, and is dog-friendly.

6. Lighthouse Park (West Vancouver) 

Another North Shore favourite, this easy hike takes 2 hours over minimal gain, for a total distance of up to 6 km. Open year-round and accessible by transit, this hike is only 40 minutes from Vancouver, and is dog-friendly, but does not offer camping opportunities.

7. Lindeman Lake (Chilliwack) 

Located in the eastern part of the Fraser Valley, this intermediate hike is best enjoyed May-October, and is just over 2 hours from Vancouver. With a total time of 2 hours, a 300 m gain, and a distance of 3.4 km, it's a nice brisk hike open to dogs with camping nearby.

8. Norvan Falls (North Vancouver) 

Back on the North Shore this longer (5 hour/14 km) hike is open year-round and only 40 minutes from Vancouver. It's dog friendly, and accessible by transit, but no camping is allowed.

9. Quarry Rock (North Vancouver) 

Also in North Vancouver, this easy 2 hour (3.8 km) hike gains over 100 meters, is open year-round, and welcomes dogs.

10. Whippoorwill Point Trail (Harrison) 

Back in the Fraser Valley, this 1.5 hour easy hike over 4km welcomes dogs and is open year-round.

Whichever hike you choose, take it easy to start, tell friends where you're going, and make sure to bring water and snacks (no matter how short the trail may be). Happy hiking!

Background Photo Credit: Destination British Columbia

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