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Travellers' Tips: Extend the Season

Leaves of AutumnAutumn is a lovely time of year to camp and RV in British Columbia. Changing foliage, crisper temperatures, and less-crowded sites await adventurers willing to make a few changes to their camping routine.

Here are our top five suggestions for camping through the fall:

  1. Consider alternatives to tenting such as yurts or tent cabins.  Be sure to ask whether or not you need to bring your own space heater.
  2. If you stick with the traditional tent, make sure you have a sleeping bag that suits conditions: check the overnight temps ahead of time and pick a bag that works in those situations. Consider placing your tent in the most sheltered spot, use a sleeping mat, and leave openings for ventilation (to prevent condensation).
  3. No matter your sleeping situation, bring layered clothing to allow for maximum comfort outside. Pack different types of base layers (bicycle shorts for warmer days, thermal tights for cooler), lightweight long sleeved tops, a very warm pullover, a waterproof shell/outer layer. Remember waterproof pants and boots. And as mama always says, don't forget your toque (that's a wool hat for our US readers).
  4. ALWAYS remember extra socks - pack more than you think you'll need. We recommend stuffing a variety of warmths into a zippered plastic bag to save space and keep them dry.  (This is a clothing tip, yes, but so important we thought we'd mention it separately).
  5. Pack a stove, kettle or pot, and potable water along with instant soup, tea, and any other camp food you might enjoy. The warmer the foods you consume, the comfier you'll stay.

Enjoy your time out there this fall - and send any pictures or stories to us at info@bclca.com.

Background Photo Credit: Destination British Columbia

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