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Mosquito… Ideas to combat the pesky bug!

By PoMoDee

Most of us who enjoy the outside during the spring, summer and early fall months have encountered a mosquito bite or two from these pesky little flies who play an important meal role for birds, bats, spiders, fish and others – but are ever-so-hated by humans.

MosquitoWhen travelling about on day trips, we don’t pack the same things one would for a camping trip.  But combating the almighty bite is getting easier.   Besides wearing clothing from head to toe, which is not always possible – given some of the temperatures in British Columbia.  Even day trips have a necessity when it comes to packing.  We all know that we should pack enough food, water, extra clothing/footwear, flashlights on the off chance that we get lost.   But what about when we are in the wooded areas during the day or into the evening?Off Repellent Towelettes

Some companies are here to help, “Off”, now sells moist towelettes that can be tucked into pockets purses and backpacks.  A simple wipe down on the exposed skin and viola you are protected.  I think these towelettes are an easier way to get kids to have protection on the face and ears – the hardest parts to apply!Battery Operated Aromatherapy Diffuser

Do you picnic off the beaten path?  Mosquitos getting to you and the family?  Amazon sells a small battery operated aromatherapy diffuser that you can pack into a backpack or the picnic basket.  Pick up some pure peppermint oil and when you arrive at your destination of choice, place three drops into your diffuser add a little water and place in the middle of the table for some relief while eating.  Dab a few drops directly on skin, clothing, picnic table, umbrellas, tent‘s or wherever you need protection.Mosquito Jacket

Going on a hike or a jog through nature paths in the mid-day can even be a challenge for some travelers as most of us are usually wearing shorts, tee-shirts and/or tank tops, due to the warm weather.Mosquito Spray

An easy fix is to make sure you are equipped with a mosquito mesh jacket and pants – available at most outdoor adventure stores. Remember mosquitoes are attracted to “Fresh Humans” and that mosquitoes are heat seekers, so even the tiniest of holes will allow them to enter, so check for snag holes before packing it away.

Commercial sprays (aerosol and non-aerosol) are okay to use but remember most mosquito sprays are meant to be applied on clothing and not directly onto the skin.  Companies have been selling mosquito repellent for years and only recently market it as such. “Avon”, has a product called “Skin-So-Soft” that works wonders too, if you don’t mind the pretty smell, this may be the product for you as it can be applied directly to skin, it is available in spray as well as bottle to apply just like you would with lotions.Screen Tent

What’s another way to combat the pesky little fly?  Purchase a screen tent; a 10 x 10 x 8 is large enough to be placed over most picnic tables, okay hiking with a screen tent is not the best idea, but on a full day picnic in the park– it’s not a bad idea.  Try to purchase a screen that is lightweight, has openings that zipper from the bottom up with it located in the centre.  The D-opening style I would not recommend if you are a family with small children or a (Clumsy adult) as they can be a tripping hazard.  Remember to make sure the entire bottom of the tent is sitting flush on the ground.  Place rocks on the lower flap.Citronella Candle

There are a lot of citronella candles on the market too, but check regulations of the parks before heading out with a product that has open flames.

Whichever type you choose, enjoy beautiful British Columbia as you #TravelinBC.

Published: July 13, 2017
Last Updated: October 17, 2018


About the Author

PoMoDee (Darlene) is a Social Media Manager at BC Lodging and Campgrounds Association. Managing Camping & RVing BC Coalition, Travelling in British Columbia and Camper’s Code. Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and Pinterest. Darlene was born and raised in British Columbia and resides in Port Moody. Darlene is an avid camper, who has been camping since the age of two and still enjoys the serene setting of a campsite. Interests include everything beach, crocheting, crafting. Photography and writing.

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