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Darlene NMO Run, Rocky Point Park, Port Moody

Running or Walking – Finding the Right Equipment in Port Moody, British Columbia

By PoMoDee

I was always the one who said “I’ll only run if something is chasing me”, turns out that there was something chasing me (my fear of running) and on May 26, 2013, I signed up for my first Run/Walk, which was for a friend who was trying to raise awareness for a rare disease that her son was diagnosed with, The first ever NMO 5K Walk/Run.

Darlene NMO Run, Rocky Point Park, Port Moody

Darlene NMO Run, Rocky Point Park, Port Moody

The word “GO” rang through my head as my walk became faster paced, which elevated into a jog, albeit at small intervals of jogging and walking, it was still a jog.  Quickly I found myself with a targeted time to get back to the finish line.  Having never run or for that matter trained to run (in 5 year old sneakers), I thought getting there in an hour would be good.  But having the help of experienced runners on either side of me saying “come on, you can do it”, I made it to the finish line at 47:04.  However, I realized I needed the proper equipment.

Are you a runner, trail walker or hiker and visiting British Columbia?  Didn’t have a chance to pack your gear and you want to blaze through some of the most picturesque trails that BC has to offer? I would recommend The Runners’ Den located in Newport village in Port Moody to save the day.  As I said before I am new to walk/running and thanks to Paul who fitted me out with my new runners.  Paul explained how I can join others like me to learn about the basics and also to let everyone know that their friendly staff are here to help, even the drop in out of town visitors are welcome to attend clinics.

Darlene's new shoes

Darlene’s new shoes

Soon after being fitted I found myself signing up for another run, this time it was the 8K Road Race at the Victoria International Marathon.  Again completing this in just over an hour, I honestly could not have done it without my new runners and the expertise that Paul at the Runner’ Den has.  He said that my pair of runners would get me to the finish line over and over again, and that they did!

For a list of trails and hiking routes in the Vancouver Coast and Mountain region visit

The BC Athletics Organization publishes a list of stores specializing in running and walking equipment at and many of these stores have weekly running clinics and most welcome out of town runners to join the group.

My experience is with the Runners’ Den, where service means everything to them and Paul and his staff take it very seriously, but I know the other stores are equally

Staff at Runners Den, Port Moody

Staff at Runners Den, Port Moody

competent.  As fit experts, the staff at Runners’ Den know how to evaluate the movement and Biomechanics of your feet, so rest assured that the shoe you purchase will be of the best fit for your foot and they are even travel worthy as shoes are not so weighty as they used to be, and because the Runners’ Den carry’s the widest selection: Asics, Brooks, Hoka One One, Mizuno, New Balance, Nike, Salomon, Saucony and Spenco  (Ladies 5 up to a Man’s 17) a shoe in every size and shape should not be hard to find.

Video: Offer and Intro to Runners Den, Port Moody

Brought your running gear to Metro Vancouver and now you are looking for something to do while visiting?  The Runners’ Den offers different clinics throughout the week, such as a Tuesday walking clinic – Walking is one of the best low impact cardiovascular exercises you can enjoy.  Please note out of town runners are welcome!

Other clinics include:

i) “Tuesday Run” is designed to build strength running hills and interval and pyramid workouts.
ii) Wednesday “Learn-to-run” that is designed to help you build cardiovascular endurance slowly and safely.
iii) The “Good Form” clinic is designed to work on your running form, breathing and posture, as this is not a scheduled class – you will need to call ahead for times.
iv) “Summer Trails” is a time for fun and exploration, with a focus on easy access trails that helps build technical skills.  Multiple pace levels are offered.
v) Marathon & Half Marathon clinics are offered in January and are a 17 week program to ready runners for their first race which is usually in May.  These clinics offer training for strength and endurance and have clinics for beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.

Video: Runners Den Choosing a Trail Shoe

For more information on any of these or other clinics visit or call the store directly at 604-461-8330. I find the running and walking fraternity friendly and fun you never know who you will meet and where the conversation will lead!

Published: August 22, 2014
Last Updated: October 17, 2018


About the Author

PoMoDee (Darlene) is a Social Media Manager at BC Lodging and Campgrounds Association. Managing Camping & RVing BC Coalition, Travelling in British Columbia and Camper’s Code. Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and Pinterest. Darlene was born and raised in British Columbia and resides in Port Moody. Darlene is an avid camper, who has been camping since the age of two and still enjoys the serene setting of a campsite. Interests include everything beach, crocheting, crafting. Photography and writing.

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