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Nakusp Hot Springs - Nakusp, BC

Tips to Find and Set Up a Perfect RV Site for Seasonal Camping in British Columbia

By Travel British Columbia

If you want to embrace the RV lifestyle without packing, towing and arranging gear each trip then seasonal camping could be for you. But how do you determine the ideal long-stay campground?

Living Forest Oceanside Campground & RV, Nanaimo

Seasonal camping entails reserving a single campsite for an extended period, allowing you to come and go at your convenience, whether on weekends or throughout the summer for longer stays. When you have such a site your RV is set up and virtually ‘ready to go’ when you arrive, meaning more time to relax and have fun in the great outdoors.

Here are some things to consider when deciding on the kind of campground to call ‘home’ for the summer.

Alder Bay RV Park & Marina, Port McNeill
Alder Bay RV Park & Marina, Port McNeill

Camping Style and Campground Atmosphere

What kind of camper(s) are you? Are you in search of peace and quiet to hike, read and relax or do you prefer to play on the beach and socialize all day? If you and your family love to meet other campers an RV resort with a clubhouse and group/kids’ activities could be ideal. Will your site selection be nearby other seasonal campers or overnighters? If you have a preference, take this into consideration. Visit the campground during peak and off-peak times and do a trial run on weekends or rent a spot for a couple of weeks to experience the true dynamics of a lengthier trip. Talk with a few long-stay guests and read through reviews from past long-term campers and walk around the entire campground (note your observations and impressions!) before you commit.

A site at the Fernie RV Resort.
Fernie RV Resort on the Elk River

Preferred Location

Your ideal long-stay location may or may not be an obvious choice. It could be a campground or resort that you’ve been camping at for years or one you and your family recently discovered. Whatever the case there are important considerations in selecting what’s best, such as commute time in peak hours/distance from home and proximity to grocery stores and activities or restaurants outside of the campground. Is there a gas station or pharmacy nearby and where is the closest hospital?

The goal should be to find a place that is within your desired driving distance, appeals to your wants and needs and is one that you will look forward to returning to.


Find out what you can and cannot do during your stay and what services the campground offers. Can you get mail and deliveries? Are you allowed to build a temporary deck, store items outside or install semi-permanent outdoor lighting? Think about what would make you comfortable during a long-term vs. a short-term stay and ask the pertinent questions.

Burton Historical RV Site App
Burton Historical RV Site, Kootenay Rockies

Cost Calculations

Seasonal camping site availability and rates vary greatly from one campground to another. First and foremost, ask yourself if the cost makes sense for your budget. Find out what is and what’s not included (some campgrounds charge extra based on usage for water or electricity on seasonal sites) and how payment can be made. Some campgrounds have reduced rates for longer stays and/or pay-by-month options; many will require a deposit.

Site Selection

Choose the site best-suited to your RV, based on its size and services required. Keep in mind that pull-thru sights go quickly. Will you need to hook up to electricity. Will you want or need a sewer hook-up and how far is the waste dumping station? If any campers have mobility issues request a space that’s close to wheelchair accessible facilities.

Burton Historical Park | C. Stathers


If you RV with your dog (or cat!) verify the fees and campground rules for domestic animals; you may want to request a site near the dog park/dog beach. Some campgrounds have pet wash stations, and this may be important for your long-term stay.

Satellite and WiFi

If your RV has a satellite dish request a south-facing campsite away from trees or buildings. Check out the campground WiFi (if any) to determine if it’s better to purchase and set up Internet access for your computer and video needs, whether via a portable router, WiFi extender or using a mobile ‘hot spot’.

Kayaking is Favourite Activity for Campers | Kim Walker

Book Ahead

The rise in popularity of RVing and the ‘work from anywhere’ lifestyle has made campgrounds busier than ever. Plan your long-term stay well in advance of the desired months to find – and reserve – the perfect site so you’re not disappointed come camping season.

To research and locate your perfect seasonal camping spot check out the Super Camping/Select Lodging Guide or Travel British Columbia’s RVing page.

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Published: April 18, 2024
Last Updated: April 18, 2024

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