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Brown's Bay Oceanview RV - Quadra Island, BC

Seasonal Campsite Rentals

Many of British Columbia’s RV Parks and Resorts offer seasonal camping opportunities for RVers looking to stay at one location for the whole summer, or on a month-to-month basis. Who can resist the lure of a summer-long vacation amid British Columbia’s stunning scenery where you have outdoor activities at your fingertips and can meet other like-minded campers. Best of all, some of the top seasonal RV sites and facilities in BC are often located in close proximity to golf courses, beaches and popular attractions providing plenty of outdoor entertainment.

RV Parks typically rent an RV site for 4 to 6 months and campers can park their motorhomes, fifth wheels or travel trailers on-site and commute if needed. Many seasonal site rentals include winterization and storage of the unit.

BC’s RV Parks and Resorts that offer seasonal campsites provide additional services and features that make for an enjoyable summer RV experience. Enhanced services such as WiFi and high-speed Internet access, laundry, convenience store, coffee shop or restaurant are facilities that may be found at, or adjacent to these parks, and organised activities are often available for the whole family. Some British Columbia RV Parks even specialize in winter seasonal rentals and activities.

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Camping Lodging

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