Please explain common Canadian camping terms?

By Joss Penny

Below are some examples of some Canadian camping terms.

  • Overnight Campsite – this is a campsite that is used for a short stay.
  • Seasonal Campsite – this is a campsite that you rent for the camping season.
  • Cottage Rentals – generally have a kitchen with pots, pans and dishes and washroom in the unit. Please check the campground for specifics.
  • Cabin Rentals – generally have a basic kitchen with water and beds. It may also come with an outdoor barbeque.
  • Trailer Rentals – many campgrounds have RV trailers for rent in their campgrounds. This provides a wonderful opportunity to try camping in an RV.
  • Washrooms/restrooms – Toilets and showers are located throughout campgrounds. A washroom contains toilets, basin sinks and shower facilities. The shower facilities normally have a place to change your clothes. Restrooms have toilets and hand basins (sinks).

Published: August 27, 2018

Joss Penny

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Joss has been employed by the BC Lodging and Campgrounds Association since 1988 and held the position of Executive Director since 2006. Over the past 29 years Joss has been involved in many of the provincial processes that have shaped the tourism product in British Columbia. Joss has a keen interest in the outdoors enjoying running, fishing and camping pursuits.

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