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Radium Hot Springs

Radium Hot Springs has it all: unlimited outdoor activities, fine dining, golfing, skiing, natural hot springs, and the most beautiful scenery you can imagine.

Located on the 'warm' side of the Canadian Rockies, Radium Hot Springs is British Columbia's best mountain getaway village. After a leisurely drive through the awe-inspiring Kootenay National Park on the Banff-Windermere Highway, you will encounter the world-famous mineral pools. These odourless pools are surrounded by natural rock walls, and are guaranteed to soak away your worries and your woes.

A Step Back in Time

Prior to any development by the white man, the First Nations people found the hot and odourless mineral water issuing from the rocks at the base of Redstreak Mountain to be soothing for their aches and pains.

A group of Englishmen headed by Lord Northcote started construction of the first pool prior to 1914. Their efforts were halted by the outbreak of World War I. The Canadian government took over and the hot pool and the first log bathhouse were completed in 1923. A partition down the centre separated the men's and women's change areas.

An imposing park gateway was constructed close to the pool, and entrance fees for vehicles were collected. On the arch over this gate was the quotation "THE MOUNTAINS SHALL BRING PEACE TO THE PEOPLE". This development followed the construction of the original Banff-Windermere highway through the Park. Visitors came by train to Banff and were transported to Radium Hot Springs by bus or limousine over the narrow, dusty roads.

In 1948, the old bathhouse was destroyed by a fire and was replaced by a lovely new aquacourt, a new hot pool, and a swimming pool. At the time, the Village of Radium Hot Springs was rapidly growing, so this resulted in a great increase in traffic. Early businesses there were owned by Eileen and Chris Madson, and George Haddad, who later sold his service station and cabins to William and Alice Craig. Most of the area was owned by Mr. George Stanley, who built a hotel which later burnt down.

Kootenay National Park later replaced the original campground above the pools with a spacious new one on the hill overlooking the village. In 1956 a drive-in theater offered entertainment for both tourists and local people. The Radium Hot Springs Resort Golf Course, together with other housing subdivisions, resulted in more people settling here on a permanent basis.

Today, regardless of all the other developments, the warm odourless mineral pool remains the star attraction at Radium Hot Springs on a year-long basis.


Radium Hot Springs is located on the junctions of Highway 93 & 95, 146 km (91 mi) north of Cranbrook, 103 km (64 mi) south of Golden, 264 km (165 mi) west of Calgary.

Things to See and DoRadium Hot Springs - Hot Water Pool - Brenda Falvey
  • Radium Hot Springs Mineral Pools
  • The soothing mineral-rich warm water of Radium Hot Springs, and the stunning Rocky Mountain scenery combine to relax tired muscles and bring peace of mind. 

  • Kootenay National Park

Sinclair Canyon is 1.5 km (1 mi) from Radium, it offers a stunning entrance to the park (or the Columbia Valley, depending on which direction you're travelling). The iron-rich walls of the Redwall Fault just east of the hot pools are a splendour of colour. Keep an eye out for bighorn sheep.

Kootenay Valley Viewpoint is 16 km (10 mi) from Radium. The peaks of the Mitchell and Vermilion mountain ranges, as well as the Kootenay River Valley, make for spectacular scenery and great backdrops for snapshots.

Mount Wardle is 48 km (30 mi) from Radium. Home to a large population of mountain goats; adults and their newborn kids can sometimes be seen licking the minerals along the road in spring and early summer.

Numa Falls is 68.4 km (42 mi) from Radium and 24.6 km (15 mi) from the Trans Canada Highway. A lovely place to stop and have lunch. The falls, formed by the Vermilion River, are a short walk from the parking lot, where there are picnic tables. Look for a rustic bridge which offers the best view of the falls and Vermilion Canyon below.

Paint Pots is 19.9 km (12 mi) from the Trans Canada Highway / 73.1 km (45 mi) from Radium. The famous paint pots are ochre-coloured mineral springs historically used by Indians and miners as a source of color. The ochre beds, lower down, are wheelchair accessible. The Paint Pots site is still considered sacred by the First Nations.

Stanley Glacier is 13.6 km (8 mi) from the Trans Canada / 79.4 km (49 mi) from Radium. The glacier is named after Lord Stanley, who also donated Canada's most famous trophy, the Stanley Cup. A good view can be reached via a 4.8 km (3 mi) hike up a trail often surrounded by fabulous wild flowers and spectacular scenery. It offers a fine example of forest regrowth following a fire.

  • Hiking

Wetland to alpine trails are available in Kootenay National Park, Bugaboo Provincial Park and numerous BC Forest recreation areas.

  • Biking

From leisurely to extreme, some of the most challenging mountain bike trails are right here. Our local highways offer the most beautiful cycling to be found in the Canadian Rocky Mountains. Park Permits and weather reports are available at Radium Hot Springs - Kootenay National Park Visitor Centre.

  • Golf

Radium Hot Springs is golfer's paradise, containing a mix of short, medium, and championship courses, with multi-teeing areas to accommodate players of all skill levels.

  • Water Sports / Fishing

Try canoeing, rafting or water skiing in the many lakes and rivers. Ready for a thrill? Run the whitewater! Want something a little calmer? Float quietly down the Columbia River. Whether you enjoy fly-fishing or lure-fishing, the cold mountain lakes, streams and rivers offer a challenge for anyone. Check with Radium Hot Springs and Kootenay National Park Visitor Centres for locations and permit information.

  • Skiing

Winter in Radium Hot Springs offers skiing for everyone. From powder-covered mountains, to gentle family slopes or beautiful mountain trails, it doesn't get any better than this!

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Radium Hot Springs
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