Oyama Zipline Forest Adventure

5617 Oyama Lake Road Winfield, BC V4V 2C9
Phone: (250) 548-4129 Toll-Free: (888) 947-2869 website

Your zipline forest adventure begins at the reception centre where you will be greeted by our friendly guest services agent to assist you at checking in and signing our waivers. From there you will be taken by our highly trained guides to be suited up in your ziplining harness and safety helmet. At this point you will be escorted to our 15 passenger “zip mobile” which will transport you to the top of our zipline course. From there it is all about fun! You will experience rope bridges, towers, nature walks, informational and educational signs, and of course some absolutely “WICKED” zipline rides. The grand finale comes at the last zipline which is a double zipline where you can race your buddy to the finish at up to speeds of 86 km / hour. After a short nature walk back to the reception centre you will have the opportunity to purchase refreshments, a t-shirt, or that extra pair of under-shorts you needed to change into after these exhilarating rides!



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