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Without knowing it, many RVers could be harming the environment and putting their health at risk due to sanidumps. Treating waste tanks with chemical products means handling and dumping dangerous chemicals like formaldehyde and ammonium compounds. These are hazardous materials and can contaminate septic tanks, poison groundwater and threaten human health.

We recommend RVers use safe and effective biological odour control products. These treatments add helpful bacteria that reduce waste by breaking it down into an easily biodegradable material. Decomposed through natural processes, this treatment is not harmful to campground septic tanks or the surrounding groundwater. The abundance of bacteria makes the decomposition process very efficient and also eliminates any unpleasant odours.

RV sani-stations are found at various locations throughout British Columbia, including private campgrounds, RV parks, some gas stations and RV dealers. Choosing a green, environmentally friendly method and location is preferred.

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