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Hadon LogoFor over a half-century Haddon Equipment & Supplies has been helping B.C. businesses and building managers with their washing and cleaning needs. Haddon is B.C. owned & operated and the distributors of UniMac, Continental Girbau and Huebsch OPL & Vended commercial washers & dryers. Along with carrying the top equipment brands and washing chemicals available today, Haddon excels at customer service. Haddon will keep your machines running in top condition, allowing you to save on operating costs, extend the life of your equipment and help your employees increase their productivity. With our knowledgeable and dedicated personnel, Haddon will help your business move forward. Call us today and let us show you why so many businesses have made the choice to work with Haddon.
Joss Penny

About the Author

Joss has been employed by the BC Lodging and Campgrounds Association since 1988 and held the position of Executive Director since 2006. Over the past 29 years Joss has been involved in many of the provincial processes that have shaped the tourism product in British Columbia. Joss has a keen interest in the outdoors enjoying running, fishing and camping pursuits.

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First Published in 1989