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Heffley Lake

Heffley Lake is known for its excellent fishing, especially for rainbow trout which can grow up to 12 pounds. Situated just four and a half hours from Vancouver, Heffley Lake is on the road to Sun Peaks Resort and surrounded by stunning mountains and thick forests. Not only is this an ideal destination for a fishing vacation from early spring to late summer but visitors enjoy swimming, biking, and hiking in the surrounding area.

The Sun Peaks community and resort is located just 20 km (12.5 mi) east along the Heffley Louis Creek Road at Tod Mountain. Sun Peaks is a world class ski resort, offering a plethora of winter sporting activities.


Heffley Lake is located 44 km (27 mi) northeast of Kamloops. From Kamloops, travel north on Hwy 5 (Yellowhead Highway) for 23 km (14 mi). Turn off at the Sun Peaks Ski Resort exit and stay on this road (Heffley Louis Creek Road) for 21 km (13 mi).

A Step Back in Time

Heffley Creek began as a farming community back in the 1860s. The creek itself was first marked on a map in 1837 as Buraigon Creek. The first two settlers of the region were business partners, Robert Todd and Samuel Bigham. Both of whom were previous employees of the Hudson’s Bay Company. They took out adjoining 160-acre plots between Heffley Creek to the north, and the Thompson River.
The creek was eventually renamed, after Adam Heffley, a miner and packer during the gold rush of 1858. He took over the land originally owned by the partners, Robert Todd and Samuel Bigham.

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