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McLure is a small, beautiful community in the heart of Kamloops country. The natural landscape is complimented by a rich wildlife and many trails. High elevation forests around Kamloops are home to interesting species like boreal owls, moose, singing hermit thrush and chattering red squirrels. You may also see spade foot toads, badgers, dancing sharp-tailed grouse, bighorn sheep, cougars, bears, coyotes and red foxes. Several hundred kilometers of horseback trails are mapped and maintained in the Lower North Thompson. There are five main trail systems you can take advantage of that are accessible from Highway 5.

The area also offers numerous water activities that visitors can take advantage of. Take a river boat tour down the North Thompson River and be treated to beautiful, ever-changing landscapes. During the summer, the North Thompson reveals shorelines of sand and gravel bars that have been sculpted and polished for generations. Vistors can take a helicopter in to the Valley’s most secluded lakes for a world class fishing adventure. There are over 100 fishing areas to explore, with many impressive resort accommodations to experience.
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McLure is located 48 km (30 mi) north of Kamloops and 23 km (14 mi) south of Barriere on Highway 5 (Yellowhead Hwy).

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Not much is known about the history of this small town.

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