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Super Camping British Columbia

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British Columbia
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Travellers Know Before You Travel.  Province wide campfire bans in place - learn more.

Mandy Newton - BC Photo Courtesy of Destination BC

Tours and Drives

Hiking in Whistler

Coast Mountain Circle Tour

Explore the mountains, forests and canyons that make British Columbia a world-renowned place of wilderness beauty on a drive that covers almost 600 km (360 mi). Travel through misty coastal mountains and dry highland plateau. Explore historic Gold Rush Country and follow the path of the gold seekers. Read More

Wide shot of the Cathedral Grove in Nanaimo.

Discovery Coast Circle Tour

Experience all the diversity that British Columbia has to offer. From cosmopolitan Vancouver to the cowboy towns of the Cariboo. From rainforest to the grasslands of the Chilcotin plateau. This discovery tour includes a remarkable summer-only voyage between Port Hardy and Bella Coola via BC Ferries following the remote coastline. Read More

Wide shot of a river valley in Manning Park.

Fraser Country Circle Tour

Imagine taking a stunning drive though undulating pasture land, next to the constant presence of the legendary Fraser River. The Fraser Country Circle Tour offers breath-taking views, fascinating historical sites, glorious gardens, and heart-stopping action. Your 635km (381mi) adventure starts and, three to four days later, ends in Vancouver. Read More

Wide shot of Sunnyside Heights in Kamloops.

Gold Rush Trail

The Gold Rush Trail tour is approximately 1,900 km (1,188 mi) long and can take between 7 and 10 days to drive. Many of British Columbia's highways follow the trails used by the early gold seekers. All along these routes are artifacts and remnants of the early pioneers. Drive this tour and relive their journeys through steep canyons, raging rivers, and high mountain passes. The roads are greatly improved, but the scenery is as rugged as ever. Read More

Aerial shot of the Canyon Hot Springs Resort

Hot Springs and Heritage Circle Tour

The Hot Springs and Heritage Circle Tour is a great way to start the touring season, soaking your way through the scenic Kootenay Rockies. Home to national parks, snow-capped mountains, and a quirky counter-culture, the Kootenay Rockies region is dotted with natural hot springs world-renowned for their healing qualities. These springs and pools are a great vantage point for soaking in breathtaking natural surroundings. Read More

The Kettle Valley Train

Kettle Valley Railway Tour

The Kettle Valley Railway hangs on to the side of mountains and straddles deep valleys providing the traveller with amazing scenery and spectacular views. Considered an engineering marvel, this historic railway, built in the early 1900s, has long been out of service, but it still draws visitors eager to explore the southern part of the Okanagan. Read More

Wideshot of driving the rugged trails of Northern BC

Northern British Columbia Circle Tour

This spectacular road odyssey of Northern British Columbia takes you through untamed wilderness and stunning mountain ranges unique to the immense region. Plan for eight to fourteen days of adventure, as you drive on the Yellowhead Highway 16, to the Northern British Columbia east-west corridor, north on the Stewart Cassiar Highway 37 (which cuts through the scenically stunning Coast Mountains), and finally south on the legendary Alaska Highway 97, which contains historic towns surrounded by dramatic landscape. The 1,800 kilometres (1,080 miles) trip is full of wildlife, mountain scenery, and heritage sites. Read More

Wide shot of the nature trails near the Beaver Lake Resort in Lake Cowichan.

Pacific Marine Circle Tour

The Pacific Marine Circle Tour is a short 290 km (170 mi) journey along Vancouver Island's coasts, and offers beautiful views of the Juan De Fuca, Haro, and Georgia straights. The quiet ambience of the island relaxes visitors with views of quiet parks and ocean-side towns. This short tour is best experienced over 2 to 4 days and will make you fall in love with southern Vancouver Island. Read More

A wideshot of Buffalo near Dawson Creek in Northern BC.

Peace River Country Circle Tour

The Peace River Country Circle Tour covers 520km (312mi) of gently rolling plains and golden wheat fields over two to three days. This beautiful landscape surrounding the Peace River is more similar to the prairies than the rest of the province. Lakes and rivers are scattered throughout the region and offer some of the most beautiful stretches of highway in British Columbia. With its unique scenery and vast resources, the Peace River District prides itself on standing out from the rest of British Columbia. Read More

Small Harbour on the Sunshine Coast, Photo Destination BC Local Wanderer

Sunshine Coast Tour

There's a good reason why the Sunshine Coast bears its name: it receives approximately 2,400 hours of sunlight annually, making it drier and sunnier than other destinations in the region. Sun-warmed beaches, marine adventures, and picturesque coastal scenery are all part of this three-to-five-day circle tour. Drive and ferry your way up the 180 kilometre (110 miles) Sunshine Coast, over to Vancouver Island, and down to the provincial capital of Victoria. This 359 kilometre (222 mile) circle tour stays close to the water and explores the island's cozy seaside villages, beaches, and marinas. Read More

Wide shot of three carved totems in Hope.

Totem Circle Tour

The Totem Circle Tour is a 2500 kilometre (1550 mile) tour perfect for those interested in exploring the rich culture of British Columbia's First Nations people. Passing through historic sites and villages will bring you face to face with diverse people, unique art, centuries old stories and fascinating history. Witness the province's most beautiful and awe-inspiring scenery as you travel over land through the heart of the province and sail the Inside Passage down through the coast's magnificent fjords and rainforests. This tour can take anywhere between one and two weeks. Read More

A wide view of the vineyards in Osoyoos.

Valley Vineyards Circle Tour

Just like Okanagan wines, The Valley Vineyards Circle Tour has caught the attention of wine connoisseurs worldwide. Tour and taste the offerings from British Columbia's best renowned wineries as you travel and take advantage of the Okanagan Valley's beautiful scenery and fruits. This tour covers 1,150 kilometres (690 miles) and can take between 5 and 7 days, depending on how many vineyards you choose to visit. Most wineries along the route are listed in this write-up. For tour information from any of your favourite wineries, just phone them with any questions you man have. Read More

Vernon, Kalamalka Lake, Photo Destination BC Andrew Strain

Okanagan Lakes & Rivers Circle Tour

If you and your family and friends are looking for a summer getaway to enjoy warm weather and glistening lakes, head to the Thompson Valley. Launch your boat and explore a region of beautiful tree-adorned lakes, meandering rivers, and white-water rapids. Dryland attractions like golf courses, go-carts, and mini golf are sure to keep everyone entertained. This tour only covers 280 kilometres (168 miles), but it can take weeks to explore all the lakes along the route. Read More

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