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Self guided 'Circle Tours' are a great way to explore British Columbia. Ranging from two days to two weeks, each route loops through British Columbia's most beautiful highways, communities, and attractions. Click on the tour names below to discover the experiences that await you.

  • Coast Mountain Circle Tour - starting and completing in Vancouver the tour explores the Vancouver Coast and Mountains Tourism Region and in the north crosses into the Cariboo Chilcotin Coast Tourism Region. The tour explores the mountains, forests and canyons that make British Columbia a world-renowned place of wilderness beauty covering almost 600 km (360 mi). The tour takes two to four days and winds through misty coastal mountains and into the province's rain shadow and dry highland plateau.
  • Discovery Coast Circle Tour - British Columbia's majestic coast still contains countless inaccessible wonders that are as remarkable and unique as the rest of the province. Luckily, adventurers seeking to see all that British Columbia has to offer can board a ferry during the summer months and see a coastline so remote, its called the Discovery Coast Passage. This is one of the longest and most comprehensive and will take roughly 7 to 9 days and includes a total 1,400 km (870mi) of driving and 16 hours of sailing. You will travel through Vancouver Islands and the Gulf Islands Region, the Cariboo Chilcotin Region and finally the Vancouver Coast and Mountains Region.
  • Gold Rush Trail - starts and concludes in New Westminster (Vancouver). The tour begins in the Vancouver Coast and Mountains Tourism Region before heading north into the Cariboo Chilcotin Coast Tourism Region and looping east then south through the Thompson Okanagan Tourism Region then heading west back to the start. The Gold Rush Trailtour is approximately 1,900 km (1,188 mi) long and can take between 7 and 10 days to drive. Many of British Columbia's highways follow the trails used by the early gold seekers. All along these routes are artifacts and remnants of the early pioneers.
  • Hot Springs and Heritage Circle Tour - located in the Kootenay Rockies Tourism Region - Drive this tour from Cranbrook stopping at the most popular hot springs and great heritage sites throughout the region. You'll pass through Fairmont, Radium, Nakusp and Albert Canyon Hot Springs as well as beautiful National Parks and cozy mountain communities. This tour travels approximately 1,100 km (640 mi) and usually takes between 5 and 7 days.
  • Kettle Valley Railway Tour - starting in the small community of Princeton and ending in Penticton, this tour is tailored for those who wish to explore the southern area of the Thompson Okanagan Region. This tour offers plenty of amazing scenery and spectacular views. It winds 360km (216mi) through all types of terrain from cool mountain forests to Canada's only true desert climate. The two-to-three day journey takes you through mountains, over rivers and along stunning valleys that made the elevated Kettle Valley Railway one of the most expensive lines in the world.
  • Mighty Fraser Country Cirle Tour - For hundreds of years the Fraser River has been known as the "Mighty Fraser". This multi faceted river has its humble beginnings in the Rocky Mountains of eastern British Columbia and gathers its strength before reaching a momentous crescendo through the infamous Hell's Gate. The Mighty Fraser Country Circle Tour travels on the north and south side of the river and allows you to be swept away by the charm of the communities that you encounter on the way. Plan for a three to four day journey as you drive though 635km (381mi) of the Vancouver Coast and Mountains. Fasten your seatbelt and prepare to experience the beauty and power of the Mighty Fraser River.
  • Northern British Columbia Circle Tour - this spectacular road odyssey of Northern British Columbia takes you through untamed wilderness and stunning mountain ranges unique to the immense region. Plan for eight to fourteen days of adventure, as you drive through 1,800km (1,080mi) of alluring scenery. The Northern Circle Tour primarily explores Northern British Columbia without venturing into neighboring regions.
  • Pacific Marine Circle Tour - this short 255km (158mi), 2 to 4 days journey along Vancouver Island's remote coasts offers beautiful views, provincial parks, and ocean-side getaways. Fall in love with southern Vancouver Island as you explore remote coasts of Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands.
  • Peace River Country Circle Tour - this tour starts and ends in Prince George, the centre of transportation and trade in British Columbia's heartland. On the way, travelers will primarily explore the eastern edge of Northern British Columbia without venturing into neighboring regions. This tour covers 520km (312mi) of gently rolling plains and golden wheat fields over two to three days.
  • Sunshine Coast Circle Tour - come explore the many seaside cities on this 359km (222mi) circle tour. Sun-warmed beaches, marine adventures and picturesque coastal scenery are all part of this three-to-five-day adventure, which encompases both the Vancouver Coast and Mountains and the Vancouver Island and Gulf Islands.
  • Totem Circle Tour - take the time to explore the rich culture of Britich Columbia's First Nations people on this 2500km (1550mi) circle tour through the Vancouver Coast and Mountains, Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands, Cariboo Chilcotin Coast and Northern British Columbia. Plan for a ten day adventure through some of British Columbias most remote and culturally diverse regions.
  • Valley Vineyards Circle Tour - this tour covers 1,150km (690mi) of some of British Columbia's most lush and fertile landscape. Take between 5 and 7 days to travel along the eastern border of the Vancouver Coast and Mountains and through the southern half of the Thompson Okanagan. Your trip will include British Columbia's best wineries, which have caught the attention of wine connoisseurs worldwide.
  • Water Recreation Circle Tour - if you enjoy glistening lakes, beautiful tree-adorned lakes, meandering rivers and white-water rapids then this circle tour is perfect for you. A relatively short drive of only 280km (168mi), this tour takes you through the entralling waterways located in the Thompson Okanagan Valley.

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