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The town of Hope is located in the Fraser Country region of Vancouver, Coast & Mountains, British Columbia. The area is dominated by the Cascade mountains to the east and the broad lower reaches of the Fraser River in the west. The abundant rivers and lakes surrounding Hope provide excellent fishing opportunities for trout, fly fishing for steelhead, river fishing for salmon and sturgeon.

Hope’s unique blend of coastal and interior climates provide an abundance of wildlife and birdwatching opportunities, including marmots, blue herons, cougars, eagles, otters and spawning salmon. The Kawkawa Lake, Lake of the Woods, Silver Lake, and numerous other nearby lakes offer tranquil paddling for outdoor activities. In addition, the Coquihalla River and the Fraser River at various times are good entry level kayaking rivers.

The region has some unique attractions that are a “must see” for visitors in the area. The Othello Quintette Tunnels is a series of tunnels, blasted for the now defunct Kettle Valley Railway, which are considered to be one of the world’s greatest engineering feats. Today, you can walk through these tunnels. Visitors can also take a self-guided tour of nearly 100 beautiful sculptures and carvings throughout the town. An international Chainsaw Carving Competition takes place here annually, which is why Hope is known as the “Chainsaw Capital of the World”.

Cheam Views, Hope Slough | Kim Walker



Located at the confluence of the Fraser and Coquihalla rivers, 154 km (96 mi) east of Vancouver, at the southern terminus of the Coquihalla Highway (Hwy 5) and the western terminus of the Crowsnest Highway (Hwy 3), where they merge with the Trans-Canada Highway 1. It can also be reached via Lougheed Highway (Hwy 7) which runs on the north side of the Fraser River from Vancouver.

A Step Back in Time

The Native Heritage of the Hope and Fraser Canyon area is rich in culture and tradition. The Sto:lo people can trace their heritage back between 9,000 and 11,000 years. That history goes hand in hand with life on the Fraser River.

Simon Fraser passed through Hope in search of a waterway to the coast, and the Hudson Bay Company had a fur trading fort here. When gold was discovered, Hope, like many of the settlements in this region, suddenly became a bustling way-point for traders and prospectors, bringing pioneers from all over the globe.

In 1929, Hope was incorporated as a Village. It became a Town in 1965, and finally, became the District of Hope in 1992.


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