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Harrison Hot Springs

The Village of Harrison Hot Springs is a small resort community known for its Hot Springs where visitors can unwind in the beneficial hot mineral waters. The region, originally revered as the “healing place” by the Coast Salish natives, houses two hot springs, Potash and Sulphur. The water from these springs is cooled to about 38 degrees C (100 degrees F) and pumped into the resorts pools. The pools are said to bring relief from rheumatism and arthritis.

While the Hot Springs of Harrison are the most notable attraction of the region, there is also a golf course, the Kilby Historic Site, and numerous agricultural tours. The scenic views of Harrison are complimented by the varied wildlife in the area including: bald eagles, hawks, and herons.

The community of Harrison Mills is just 21 km () southwest along Hot Spring Rd, then Lougheed. This small community is built around agriculture and tourism, and is well worth the trip.

The Majestic Mountains over-looking the Harrison Hot Springs


The Village of Harrison Hot Springs is located at the southern end of Harrison Lake in the Fraser Valley 120 km (75 mi) from Vancouver. Its immediate neighbour is the District of Kent which includes the town of Agassiz 8 km (5 mi) from Harrison Hot Springs and Harrison Mills 20 km (12 mi) from Harrison Hot Springs.

A Step Back in Time

The Village of Harrison Hot Springs has been a small resort community since 1886, when the opening of the Canadian Pacific Railway brought the lakeside springs within a short carriage ride of the transcontinental mainline. In its first promotion as a resort it was known as St. Alice’s Well, although it had been discovered decades earlier when a party of goldfield-bound travellers on Harrison Lake capsized into what they thought was their doom, only to discover the lake at that spot was not freezing, but warm.
Although the resort flourished in a low-key fashion for years after this discovery, a proliferation of hotels and motels led to its further development and it was incorporated as the Village of Harrison Hot Springs in 1949. The village is known for its namesake hot springs, which are a major attraction for tourists.

The region is named after Benjamin Harrison, a former deputy governor for the Hudson’s Bay Company.

The lake at Harrision Hot Springs.

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