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Kayaking in Desolation Sound, Sunshine Coast, Photo Destination BC Andrew Strain

Gibsons is the main marine gateway to the Sunshine Coast in the Vancouver, Coast & Mountains region. Gibsons is best known in Canada as the setting for the once-popular CBC Television series “The Beachcombers”.  Visitors can expect a temperate coastal climate, with mild winters and warm, dry summers.

The town has an abundance of outdoor activities to offer including diving, boating, and fishing in the Howe Sound and surrounding waters. Just a few steps from the pier , the sea-walk skirts the harbour and winds around to the Gibsons marina with spectacular views of the water and Coast Mountains. The region also boasts some man-made historical landmarks, including the Sunshine Coast Museum & Archives, which contains exhibits featuring the history of the Sunshine Coast and its native inhabitants. Also found here, the restaurant “Molly’s Reach” made popular by the hit Television Series, “The Beachcombers”.

Persephone Brewing - Gibsons, BC Sunshine Coast

Persephone Brewing – Gibsons, BC Sunshine Coast


Gibsons is located 4 km (2.5 mi) south of Langdale ferry terminal on the Sunshine Coast. From Vancouver, take the Horseshoe Bay Ferry in West Vancouver to Langdale and take Marine Drive into Gibsons.

A Step Back in Time

Gibsons was first established in 1886 by George Gibson and his two sons, when they were blown from Vancouver Island to the Strait of Georgia in their boat. Taking refuge in the protected natural harbour, George claimed the surrounding 160 acres of land and became the first resident of what was to be known as “Gibson’s Landing”. By 1892, 100 settlers had moved to the area.

In the early 1900s, the Union Steamship Company connected the communities along the coast, providing mail service and supplies. In 1929, it was incorporated, and in 1947 the name was shortened, at the request of its residents. A dock was built in 1951, joining the coast to Vancouver by ferry.

The town is now split between the lower seaside area, and the upper side.  “Lower Gibsons” is mostly residential, except for the famous restaurant, Molly’s Reach, which gained its notoriety from the hit CBC Television series, “The Beachcombers”. “Upper Gibsons” is clustered along Highway 101, and contains the commercial areas.

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