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Travellers Know Before You Travel.  Province wide campfire bans in place - learn more.

Located in the Vancouver, Coast & Mountains region, Madeira Park, a small community in the area of Pender Harbour, is a haven for anyone who loves the outdoors and the temperate climate of the Sunshine Coast. In the summer, visitors and residents enjoy warm, dry weather on one of the many long beaches plus water activities including swimming, diving, fishing, and sailing in the surrounding waters. Sechelt Inlet has been rated as one of the world’s top 20 recreational dives by Scuba Diving Magazine.

The area is also home to many Provincial and Regional Parks, offering gorgeous views of the surrounding area. The region also offers golfing, and horse-back riding opportunities.

The sandy beach at the Ruby Lake Resort in Madeira Park.

Sandy Beach at Ruby Lake Resort, Madeira Park



Madeira Park is located in Pender Harbour, 58 km (36 mi) north of Langdale ferry terminal on the Sunshine Coast. From Vancouver, take the Horseshoe Bay Ferry in West Vancouver to Langdale and drive Highway 101 to Madeira Park.


A Step Back in Time

The Pender Harbour area was originally occupied by the Coast Salish First Nations. Charles Irvine was the first European settler to inhabit the region. He built a log trading post, and became involved in the gold rush. In 1904, he sold his property to “Portuguese Joe” Gonsalves and his Salish Coast Nation wife, Susan Harris. According to local sources, either Gonsalves or his daughter named Madeira Park in honour of Madeira Island near Portugal, where Gonsalves had spent his childhood.

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