Super Camping British Columbia
Super Camping British Columbia

Super Camping
British Columbia
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Camping Cabins

Camping Cabins in British Columbia

More and more travelers want to try camping without having to purchase an RV, tent-trailer or other camping equipment. There is a growing trend therefore for campgrounds and RV parks to provide on-site camping opportunities, set up and ready to use. Coming in many shapes and types they include cabins, small cottages, on-site RV rentals, glamping tents, yurts, tipis and more. Some are rustic and others have many of the comforts of home.

A basic cabin is usually simple in design with one or two rooms with modern bunks and/or beds. You bring the sleeping and cooking equipment and use the facilities at the campground for showering and other services.

Premium cabins and cottages are generally fully furnished and provide all the amenities as well as kitchen facilities and bathroom/shower. Plus, many will have TV and air-conditioning.

Fully equipped RVs on-site are also available for rent at some campgrounds where you only bring your own linens. This option really gives would-be campers an opportunity to experience camping in an RV before investing in their own equipment.

Yurts, glamping (the word comes from a combination of glamourous and camping) and tipis range from rustic to luxury and all that those words imply. Yurts and glamping tents are built with a frame and canvas walls and an open interior design. Most have wooden floors and generally include an outside deck for barbecuing.  For something different this accommodation provides for some unique camping experiences.

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