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Hunting Regulations


Hunting is strictly regulated by the British Columbia Fish, Wildlife and Habitat Management Branch. All hunters, whether resident or non-resident, must obtain a licence. Visit the British Columbia Fish, Wildlife and Habitat Management Branch web site for more information.


All non-residents are required to be accompanied by a licenced guide or accompanied by a resident who holds a Permit to Accompany, while hunting big game, i.e. deer, mountain sheep, mountain goat, moose, caribou, elk, cougar, wolf, grizzly bear, black bear, lynx, bobcat, and wolverine. Guides are not required while hunting small game, i.e. game birds, migratory game birds, fox, raccoon, coyote, skunk and hare.


Licencing details and the "Hunting and Trapping Regulations Synopsis" are available online at the British Columbia Fish, Wildlife and Habitat Management Branch web site.


Guide outfitters employ licenced guides to assist in providing guiding services. Guide outfitters set their own guiding fees. It is suggested that you write to several guide outfitters in the area of your choice to obtain full particulars regarding the species of game available, the recommended period to hunt, rates, services provided, and reservations.

A licenced guide may not have more than two hunters in the field at one time. 

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