Super Camping British Columbia
Super Camping British Columbia

Super Camping
British Columbia
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Lowhee Campground - Barkerville-Wells, BC

RV and Camper/Trailer Rentals

Motorized recreational vehicles (RVs) and those towed behind vehicles, commonly referred to as campers and trailers, offer great opportunities to explore British Columbia’s varied sea to sky landscape on an affordable budget. Many RVs have elevated viewing vantage points thanks to high chassis and large windows, and they are a safe and fun travel option in which families and friends can experience nature and cook and camp under the stars.

Driving an RV or Camper

Rental requirements include a valid driver’s licence with proof of age and quite often a passport copy if the renter(s) are from outside of Canada. Motorized RVs come with automatic transmission, power braking and steering systems and a typical length is 20–30 ft (6 m – 9 m). Novice RV drivers generally require a few minutes behind the wheel to get accustomed to the size and to be made aware of height clearance requirements. Most rental agencies undertake a thorough inspection of their units prior to trip departure and help to educate the renters ahead of time with information and advice on the model they have rented, including photos and even videos.

On average, RV vacationers drive 200 km (125 mi) per day and trips range from one to two or even three weeks. British Columbia has a well-maintained highway network with easily accessible gas stations and hundreds of fully serviced campgrounds and parks offering RV-specific amenities, make driving—and vacationing—by RV an enjoyable choice. For information on highways and major roads in BC visit the provincial government’s webpage on highway classification, which includes links to official numbered routes and highway exits.

Self-Drive RV Rentals

There are many RV dealers and rental agencies in the province of British Columbia and they offer a variety of rental options for vacationers. RV rental vehicles include: van conversions and camper vans (Class B motorhomes), folding/pop-up camping trailers, truck campers (also called slide-ins), fifth wheels, travel trailers and larger Class A and C motorhomes. Rentals range from basic to deluxe models with optional packages including linen/towels and cleaning products, and sleep anywhere from two to six+ adults. While most rental RVs come with basic camping and kitchen items such as cutlery, dinnerware and pots and pans, it’s recommended to add to this if possible. (In other words, bring your own vegetable peeler!)

Rental costs depend on the size of the unit, the mileage to be driven and the season of travel, with high season being July and August. Renters should budget between $100–$275CDN/day for fees. A 5% Goods and Services Tax (GST) is charged on all campsite and RV site stays in BC; no Provincial Sales Tax (PST) is charged on campsite rentals.

Unlike car rentals unlimited mileage is not offered. The total allowance is usually 200 kilometres per day with an additional charge in the $0.40 to $0.60 cents per kilometre range. Make sure to review insurance options before signing on the dotted line. Many RV rentals come with basic insurance and offer additional packages while some companies allow the renter to use his or her personal auto insurance with an RV rental policy.

Finally, expect to pay a damage/security deposit in the range of $500 or over $1,000 for a motorhome rental. There may also be additional cleaning fees if pets are allowed.

An alternative to a traditional RV dealer/rental agency is booking with an online RV rental marketplace company, which connects trailer, motorhome and camper van owners with people and families looking to rent. These companies can include insurance in the rental price (this may be dependent on if the RV owner has opted in to such coverage), unlimited mileage (alternatively, owners determine the kilometres per rental price) and also issue security deposit refunds (assuming no damages are incurred). Deposit refund times vary from immediate financial transfers following the unit’s return and agreement closeout, or up to a week after the rental.

On-site RV Rentals

On-site rentals such as non-motorized trailers or park models or opting for RV companies who deliver and set up units are becoming popular. Vacationers arrive to a campground of choice to find the trailer levelled and ready to start their vacation. Rental fees are paid to the company with campsite fees to the campground.

Camping Lodging

The Super Camping / Select Lodging Guide

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