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Lowhee Campground - Barkerville-Wells, BC

RV and Camper Rentals

RV and Camping Rentals offer great opportunities to experience British Columbia’s natural landscape on a budget. Sitting in a Motor home high above the regular traffic offers the best viewing vantage points.

Self-Drive RV Rentals

There are a number of rental agencies that offer a variety of rental RVs for visitors. The RV rental vehicles include: van conversions, truck campers, fifth wheels, travel trailers, folding camping trailers, motorhomes or camper vans. RVs can be driven or towed, range from basic to deluxe, and can sleep anywhere from 2 to 6 adults. Renters require a valid driver’s licence.

The cost to rent a motorhome or RV depends on the size of the vehicle, the mileage to be driven and the season. High season is July and August so rates are more. A renter should budget between $100 – $350 Canadian dollars per day for rental fees. RVs usually come fully equipped with kitchen utensils, plates, glasses, cups, cooking pots, towels and bedding.

Unlike car rentals unlimited mileage is not offered. The total allowance is usually 200 kilometers per day with an additional charge in the $0.40 to $0.60 cents per kilometre range. A renter should also ask about insurance costs.

Finally, expect to pay a damage/security deposit in the range of $500 – $1,500 for the rental of a motorhome. This is refunded when the RV is returned in good condition.

Driving an RV or Camper

To rent an RV, a valid driver’s license, proof of age and a passport may be required by rental agencies. The vehicles come with automatic transmission, power braking and steering systems. The typical size is 20 – 30 feet (6 m – 9.1 m) in length and they are much easier to drive than you would think. Even the novice RV driver only needs a few minutes behind the wheel to become accustomed to the size and height clearance requirements of a motorhome.

On average, visitors drive 125 miles (200 km) per day and vacations range from one to two or even three weeks. A well-maintained highway network in British Columbia; numerous gas stations to pick up fuel and supplies; and plenty of fully serviced campgrounds and RV parks offering RV-specific accommodation, make driving by RV an enjoyable vacation.

Onsite RV Rentals

A newer trend is onsite rentals – RV companies deliver and set up RVs or motorhomes on the campsite in the campground of choice. The visitor then drives directly to the campground where their rental RV is already onsite, leveled and set up ready to immediately start your vacation. Rental fees are paid to the company and campsite fees to the campground.

Camping Lodging

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