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Super Camping British Columbia

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British Columbia
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Travellers Know Before You Travel.  Province wide campfire bans in place - learn more.

Eagle, Cariboo Chilcotin Coast. Photo Geoff Moore

Denny Island is an island on the Central Coast of British Columbia in the Cariboo Chilcotin Coast region.  It lies east of the community of Bella Bella, also known as Waglisla, on Campbell Island. It is the location of Old Bella Bella, now mainly abandoned but home to Canadian Coast Guard and Fisheries & Oceans bases, and Shearwater Marine.

The area is home to coastal wolves, grizzly and black bears, eagles and the Kermode “Spirit” bear. It is a wilderness destination offering kayaking, wildlife viewing, bird watching, diving, cruising and some of the best sport fishing on the central coast. Sightseeing and eco-tours, boat rentals and fishing charters are available.

Famous mysterious white Kermode bears, otherwise known as Spirit bears - DBC - Clare Levy

Famous mysterious white Kermode bears, otherwise known as Spirit bears | Destination BC / Clare Levy


Located along the west coast of British Columbia approximately 75 nautical miles west of Bella Coola, and accessible only by ferry or plane.

A Step Back in Time

When European explorers arrived on this coast in the 18th century, it was inhabited by Natives from several cultural groups, being the traditional lands of the Heiltsuk First Nation. Although hunters and gatherers like the tribes of the Interior, the coastal natives were able to establish permanent villages due to their abundant food supply. Their complex cultures were distinguished by an emphasis on wealth, a refined artistic tradition, and a rich spirit life. Travel along the coast was accomplished by dugout canoes that could be impressive in their length. Although there’s nothing more inspiring than to see one of these massive canoes in action, they are only brought out for ceremonial occasions, such as a paddle trip to Vancouver or the Olympic Mountains in Washington.

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