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Mackenzie is located in Northern British Columbia north of Prince George, south of Chetwynd, and boasts an abundance of recreation opportunities, including hiking, mountain biking, wildlife viewing, photography, winter activities and year-round fishing.

Situated only five minutes east of Mackenzie is scenic Morfee Lake, a popular spot for swimming, boating, waterskiing and fishing and in winter ice fishing. Morfee Mountain has stunning views of Williston Lake and beyond to the Rocky Mountains in the north. This is a popular place during the summer months for local mountain bikers, and during the winter months the abundance of powder snow provides excellent conditions for snowmobiling.

The John Dahl Regional Park offers over 4 km (2.5 mi) of trails ideal for cycling, hiking, jogging and cross-country skiing. This park is situated behind the Mackenzie Recreation Centre; enjoy a picnic lunch at one of the picnic tables overlooking the scenic and breathtaking mountain vistas and Morfee Lake.

Mackenzie is also home to the World’s Largest Tree Crusher and is a reminder of the town’s logging roots. Make sure you take a photo before you leave.


Mackenzie is located on Hwy 39, 29 km (18 mi) from Hwy 97 North, situated at the base of the beautiful Omineca Mountain Range and positioned within the Rocky Mountain Range. Mackenzie is 185 km (115 mi) north of Prince George, 963 km (598 mi) from Vancouver, 710 km (441 mi) from Kamloops.

A Step Back in Time

The town of Mackenzie was named after the great Scottish explorer, Sir Alexander Mackenzie, who traveled through this area in 1793 on his voyage to discover the Northwest Passage. He was the earliest known explorer and surveyor of Canada west of the Rocky Mountains.

The community reflects the spirit of adventure and discovery of its namesake. Fur traders, trappers, prospectors, squatters, missionaries and Hudson’s Bay Company personnel traveled the region.

The District of Mackenzie was virtually carved out of the wilderness in the mid 1960s to service large pulp and lumber manufacturing facilities. A new “instant” town was created. In 1966, the District of Mackenzie was formally incorporated as a municipality.

Today, the township is a small, modern community of approximately 3,700 people nestled in the heart of the forest. Mackenzie is a recreational hub with trail systems, picturesque lakes and is the gateway to Williston Lake, created by the WAC Bennett Dam on the Peace River. This site celebrates the historical significance of Sir Alexander Mackenzie’s journey through the area and includes a monument to Mackenzie’s namesake.

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