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Fort Fraser

Fort Fraser has many beautiful natural sites to offer its visitors. The region has multiple Provincal, and local parks that house many natural wildlife habitats and marked trails. The surrounding 50-mile radius contains 170 lakes, and is the temporary home of over 1,000 Trumpeter Swans, and that’s not the only wildlife to see. Additionally, Fraser Lake and the surrounding area are abundant with wildlife. Wildlife enthusiasts can frequently spot moose, black bear, deer and fox. Grizzly bear, wolves, lynx, cougar, the elusive albino moose, caribou, elk, owls, blue heron and eagles have all been spotted here, on occasion.

The region also houses several other notable sites. The Fort St James National Historic Site, is a fully restored Hudson’s Bay Company trading post. This site commemorates the partnership between the fur traders and the first nations people. The local Cultural Arts centre offers unique native crafts such as baskets, beadery, blankets, wall carvings, and plaques.

The extinct Red Rock Volcano is over 25 million years old; hikers can climb the old lava beds and the volcanic cone. It is accessible from the Stellaq’o Village. For more information visit the Information Centre in Fraser Lake.

Fort Fraser Park.


Fort Fraser is located near the geographical center of British Columbia, at the base of Fraser Mountiain. It is close to the Fraser Lake and the Nechako River. More specifically, 44 km (27 mi) west of Vanderhoof on the Yellowhead Highway 16.

A Step Back in Time

Simon Fraser established Fort Fraser in 1806 as a North West Trading Company fur trading post. Thus making it one of the oldest European-founded settlements in British Columbia. The first land of British Columbia ever cultivated by Europeans, is the surrounding area. It is also where, in 1914, the last spike was driven into the railway which opened up central BC Рthe Grand Trunk Pacific.

The Fort Fraser Fall Fair is one of the oldest agricultural fairs in British Columbia. It has been running annually since 1928.


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