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Sorrento is in the Shuswap area which is well-known as a summer vacation destination. With long, sunny days and a dry, temperate climate, it lends itself to many outdoor activities or a few hours of relaxation. Sorrento is on the south shore of Shuswap Lake but there are many other rivers and lakes in the area all providing opportunities to get out and experience what’s on offer. Houseboating, kayaking, water skiing, fishing, swimming and other water sports are all here. Hiking and nature trails can be found in the several Provincial Parks. If you are here in October, this is a fascinating place to visit and see the waters turn red with the run of the Adams River sockeye salmon. Cross-country skiing is popular in the area in the wintertime.


Sorrento, located in the Thompson Okanagan region, straddles the Trans-Canada Highway, lining the south shore of Shuswap Lake. It is 25 km (15 mi) east of Chase and 45 km (28 mi) northwest of Salmon Arm on Hwy 1.

A Step Back in Time

Originally known as Trapper’s Landing, after the meeting place of Shuswap Indian trappers returning with their furs, the town was renamed by James Kinghorn after the Italian town of Sorrento, because Copper Island on Shuswap Lake reminded him of the Isle of Capri, off Sorrento in Italy.

Sorrento’s history dates back to the year 1910, and is a popular tourist destination today with an array of recreational activities, during both summer and winter.

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