Lake Puntzi - Chilanko Forks, BC

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Chilanko Forks

The Chilanko Forks is an unincorporated settlement as well as a First Nations community of the Tsilhqot’in people, located along the north bank of the Chilanko River. It is between the Tatla Lake, to the north, and the Puntzi Lake to the south. It houses the Chilanko Forks Wildlife Management Area, a protected marshland that is home to many species of waterfowl. As such, the region is a great place for wildlife viewing, especially birding, during the summer months. Fishing is perhaps the favourite sport in these parts with many lakes to choose from. The Puntzi Lake has excellent trout and kokanee. The sport doesn’t change in the winter months, either, with many great opportunities for ice fishing.

The areas’ beautiful natural landscape also offers beautiful hikes through marked trails. Hikers can explore the badlands of the Chilcotin Plateau, on the trails around the Farewell Canyon, a must-see landmark of the area. When the lakes in the area freeze over, they make great skating rinks for visitors to the region.

Forest view at Barney's Lakeside Resort in Chilanko Forks in Fall.


Located on Hwy 20, about 172 km (107 mi) west of Williams Lake.

Geese on the lake at the Woodlands Fishin Resort in Chilanko Forks.

A Step Back in Time

The Chilanko Forks settlement was established in 1947. In 1982, Chilanko Forks officially became a BC community.

The Chilanco Forks Post Office was opened on September 1st, 1907, and closed on July 31st, 1918. It reopened in 1963.

Waterfront at the Woodlands Fishin Resort in Chilanko Forks.

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