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The small community of Slocan is nestled beneath the Selkirk Mountains, on the southern shore of Slocan Lake. The nearby Valhalla Provincial Park offers numerous opportunities for backcountry adventures: several beaches for boaters; abundant trails for hiking; and diverse wildlife. Cyclists can ride the Slocan Valley Rail Trail down the valley for a relaxing day, or paddle through the Slocan River amid stunning scenery and clear waters. The Valhalla mountains have also become quite popular with climbers.

The region also allows for canoeing and kayaking to enjoy the clear waters and beautiful scenery. Anglers will find the high-elevation waters in the Valhalla Mountains rampant with fish. The waters have been stocked intentionally to provide for fishing enthusiasts.


Located on Hwy 6 in the Kootenay Rockies. It is 72 km (43 mi) north of both Nelson and Castlegar and 77 km (48 mi) south of Nakusp.

A Step Back in Time

Founded by Frank Fletcher of Nelson in 1892, Slocan City was the smallest incorporated city in the British Commonwealth. In 1958, the City reincorporated as a village and is now known as the Village of Slocan.

The booming mining town served as the terminus for the old railway, and sternwheelers plied the lake carrying minerals, goods, and people. In 1942 when the Japanese-Canadians were interned, there was a large population housed in and around the region. At the back of the town cemetery is the only surviving Buddhist Cemetery from this era.

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